Sunday, January 27, 2008

Okay, remember a year ago January, when I posted the cute picture
of all the mommies to be, well here is the results . . . .with the exception
of Marce & Whit. This bright idea didn't come to me until AFTER they
had left. Dangit. notice how cute Grandma is. Also, please note how much
cuter MY grandchildren are than all the others. Okay, Alana is pretty cute.
We were over at her house tonight with Josh& fam, Amber & fam, plus
Silly Sanwan, David, Louise, Billiam, Marie, Doyle, Kyle, Carma, Ad & AJ
and of course Ginger. Grandma just loves having all the kids there. Dresden
figured out that if you keep pushing the buttom on the Uno Attack, that it
will keep shooting out cards, to his great delight. This kept Berlyn at a fever
pitch of excitment and busy trying to keep the cards picked up and put back
into the dispenser. I'm pretty sure her squeal even hurt the dogs ears. But
it never fazed grandma, she just giggled all night.

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