Sunday, January 20, 2008


After talking to Jaci, I've decided we all need to start posting all the funny and bizarre stuff our kids/spouses say. That way we have plenty of ammo for making fun of each other. I'll start:

Last week, Tye said totally casually and out of the blue, "I'd have no problem sawing my arm off." (apparently he had just seen a commercial for some wilderness-survival show).

The other night I was walking out of the bathroom after applying a purifying face mask and passed Tye in the hallway.
As we pass he says, "Your lotion isn't rubbed in."
I say, "It's not lotion, it's a mask."
He goes, "PPfshh, it's not a very good mask. I can still see your face."

Sometimes these classics pop into my brain and make me laugh:

Marci in the drive-thru at Wendy's: "You DON'T have any ARBY SAUCE!?!?"

Conversation between AJ and Lauren:
AJ: "Do you like Smashing Pumpkins?"
Lauren: "Ya, it's pretty fun."

"Hogues, you little shits!"

Everyone be sure to post all the crazy stuff you hear each other say on a daily basis. Maybe at the end of the year we'll have like the Academy Awards of One-Liners and we can give prizes for the funniest, most clever, etc.


Mother Teresa said...

hummm, guess I'm never to live down the houge episode. oh well. So let me beat Lauren to the punch and give you another 'mom moment' where i so successfully put my foot in my mouth and then tried unsuccessfully to fit it. We were at Wally world when I passed by someone i knew. oh! i thought, she's pregnant. So I asked the question I've learned NEVER to ask. "When's your baby due?" ohhh, you're not. I think. "Well how old is your baby?" Three! oh, so sorry. Then she tells me that lots of people have asked her that lately. Lauren only got in on the last of that conversation, so she added something about how hard it is to lose baby fat. Yeah, or to get your feet out of your mouth.

tangerine said...

oh man, that's awesome! you just keep thinking you can somehow dig yourself out of it, but you just keep getting deeper. haha!

Jaci said...

I totally love your academy awards idea. my kids are the winners every so is rob... unfortunately most of the funny stuff he says is too rated R to list on here. heehee