Saturday, January 5, 2008

Monkeyin' Around

This is Whit's awesome mohawk after the tub.

My favorite Christmas Pose with the cute Santa Slippers!

Whit loved riding this horse. He looked pretty happy.

Whit and Halle play together pretty good.

On New Year's Eve, we went to a party with some friends and they own the zoo, so they have a pet Orangatang that they brought with them. She was the life of the party, but she sure did like to swing on everything including Jake. We couldn't get her off of him. Atleast she's pretty cute.

Whit like playing in the Jungle gym.

He also really liked the Monkey.


tangerine said...

Did you bring me a monkey? That looks so fun! It looks like you guys had a great New Years.

Mother Teresa said...

man! I was glad to see the monkey.. I thought that maybe you had decided to feed Whit some Rogaain and it had a bad side effect. Now - let me think why the monkey liked Jake so much. hummmmm
I took Sarah and Charlene and wandered around 'first night'. mostly i wandered by myself so as not to cramp their style too much. But when ever I did find them, there was usually a cluster of boys with them. Around 10:30 Dad came up and we watched the Elton John and Billy Joel impersonators. We left just before 12 because I started feeling sick. But we pulled over by the city office building to watch the fireworks. I thought I was going to freeze to death. My buttock was sooooo cold that i had to use a heating pad to defrost it. It's been fun having Sarah here, but I'm taking her home tomorrow.

Jake&marci said...

Ya, the monkey was fun. I wish I could bring it home for me too.
That sounds like a busy New Years trying to keep a hold on the girls. Fireworks sounds fun too.
Our new years was fun, but we didn't even stay until 12 because whit wouldn't go to sleep so we came home and watched the rest on tv and I had Hot Chocolate!